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The Green Square Mile has been established to explore the vital role that cities, corporations and financial institutions can play in helping to preserve global biodiversity.  


Our focus is on engaging businesses and individuals based in and around the City of London to help create a series of 'Green Square Miles' that protect 'biodiversity hotspots'

that are equivalent in size to at least one square mile.  

The Green Square Mile will act as a platform for businesses to drive biodiversity conservation by providing them with a proactive role in designing and implementing sustainable policy solutions with governments and by enabling biodiversity considerations to be embedded in their business models and sustainability strategies. 

Each Green Square Mile project is developed in partnership with a world leading conservation charity, and is designed to address a pressing environmental issue, such as wildlife poaching or promoting the importance of sustainable fisheries management. 

Join us and become part of the solution. You can find out about our current Green Square Mile projects here

CSR in London, conservation projects, GSM
Find out about the conservation projects we support through the GSM.
How the Green Square Mile works, GSM, charity
See how the GSM works and how your business can become part of it. 
CSR, sustainability, added value, conservation, business
Find out about all the benefits you can secure by participating in the GSM.
We work with some of the world's leading corporate figures to develop the project.
Help Tusk maintain a zero poaching rate in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.
Work with Fauna & Flora International to support coastal communities in Zanzibar.
Placing conservation at the heart of the City of London
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