(Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade)

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya is renowned worldwide for its innovative and highly successful conservation work and Tusk has been a major partner

from the outset. The Conservancy is a mosaic of grasslands, acacia groves and wetlands, which lie in the shadow of Mount Kenya. Elephant and rhino populations thrive in a landscape where poaching has been eliminated. With your help we can keep it that way. 

(Promoting sustainable fisheries management)

Protecting Zanzibar’s Emerald Reef provides you with an amazing opportunity to support the world’s oldest international conservation charity - Fauna & Flora International - by establishing a Green Square Mile that will protect Pemba Island’s vulnerable marine habitats and help build capacity for future sustainable fisheries management. 


(Protecting the world's rarest species of crocodile)
(Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade)
(Wildlife conservation on islands)
(Tackling invasive species)

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