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You select a GSM project that you would like to support.


We connect you to other businesses that help to fund the GSM project.


Make a commitment to pay contribute 

 over a 2 or 3 year period and fund your GSM project.


Your chosen charity then delivers the GSM project and provides you with updates.


The Green Square Mile has been designed so that any business on individual based in and around

the City of London can take part and help tackle some of our planet's most pressing

environmental issues.


We task each of our charity partners to develop an exciting conservation project that protects a 'biodiversity hotspot' around the globe that is equivalent in size to at least one square mile. Our focus for each project is to preserve a

threatened habitat and/or protect endangered species. 

In order to fund a Green Square Mile, we establish a consortium of businesses and individuals who each agree to make a financial contribution towards the total costs of the conservation project - a target that will have an upper limit of £75,000. 

A Green Square Mile project officially launches when we hit pledges totalling £25,000 and we then work with the charity partner to identify additional funding revenues and fundraising opportunities over a two to three year period.

Our suggested funding model seeks to secure five businesses to support each Green Square Mile project, which equates to a funding commitment of just £15,000 per business to hit the £75,000. Essentially, these costs can be split over a two or three year period, which would mean that for your business to take part you would only need to commit £5,000 per year for three years.  

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