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We work in collaboration with some of the world's leading conservation

charities and NGOs to bring you some fantastic opportunities to support award winning and ground breaking conservation programmes across the globe. Find out who we work with below: 

We are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the world's leading conservation charities and NGOs to develop each of our Green Square Mile projects and make a truly positive difference upon our planet. 


Combined our partner charities have unrivalled experience of delivering global conservation projects, undertaking due diligence and reporting on the positive outcomes of their work. It guarantees results in return for your investment.


Our charity partners include Fauna & Flora International - the world's oldest international conservation organisation - and Tusk who were set up in 1990 to protect African wildlife and have Prince William as their Royal Patron. 

Each charity has been chosen because they do not have a large corporate engagement team and we work directly with them by connecting them to businesses and networks that can help deliver exciting and innovative conservation work that would not be possible without your support. 


You can find out more about each conservation charity by clicking on the links above and you will see details about the programmes they are looking to fund on the Green Square Mile project page here.


Of course we would always be happy to arrange a time for you to meet with any of our charity partners and link you to a conservation programme that truly reflects your own goals and objectives, whether that be supporting an initiative that helps tackle the global poaching crisis or promotes the value of sustainable finance solutions to support conservation work. 

Let's have a discussion about how you can support a Green Square Mile project, simply email and get the ball rolling. 

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